January 20 - February 18

The sign of Aquarius

We are in the middle of winter, a time when everything is frozen and still and nature is waiting. It is the period of Aquarius, a sign of air that calls for reflection, ingenuity, creative thinking and action to get out of a situation of stasis. The revolution is preparing and new solutions are needed for the community. The graphic sign depicts the Egyptian hieroglyph of water (often there is also the amphora and / or the water bearer), and in fact Aquarius is "the one who carries water", a symbol of life. Uranus and Saturn are at home: the first, in the primary domicile, represents liberation from the past, changes, mental openness, while the second brings rigor and essentiality to those born under this sign.
The Aquarius archetype is the Creator, that is the part of us connected to creative power, vision and innovative idea. So every time we feel the creative urge and create something we can feel more clearly the divine power within us, able to shape reality, to decide whether to create, or to destroy to recreate. We are approaching the creative source of the Universe, the ocean of infinite possibilities and the source of becoming. But at the same moment in which we become aware of this closeness and this power we also realize the responsibility that derives from it.
Technology, modernity, communication, globalization are all manifestations of the spirit of Aquarius. The Aquarian era, in which we have just entered, should mark the beginning of a new world. Preparing for this new era took several decades, but 2020 was the last year of the Pisces era and in 2021 the Earth's axis has definitely shifted to the sign of Aquarius where a different world should be born that will last. about 2,160 years ...
Aquarius represents brotherhood, connection, sharing, friendship and collectivity and the common good. Those born under this sign are convinced bearers of the motto "unity is strength" and attach great importance to communication and cooperation in order to survive. With a very shy and reserved nature, they prefer to speak in the plural and often play their part within a group without feeling the need for their role and merit to be recognized. However, this can lead to not recognizing one's own value and that of others and also to a difficult relationship with money, since they risk not being able to get paid adequately or not recognizing the economic value of an object or service.
Open-mindedness, curiosity, creativity, innovation: in every manifestation of his being the sign of Aquarius shows himself as a revolutionary, an intelligent protester and a subverter, little inclined to lasting bonds and uncomfortable in fixed patterns. On the other hand, the Aquarius is also endowed with a fine and very rare diplomacy, which allows him to maintain a large amount of relationships and achieve his goals without debilitating conflicts (from which nothing good can arise) and obtaining the collaboration of others, so dear to him. On this path he is perfectly capable of lying and does it so well that he himself is convinced of it; the lack of memory typical of the sign is then indispensable to him so that he can allow himself to say everything and, shortly after, deny it in an incredibly sudden and convinced way. Even the intentions and feelings of an Aquarius alternate vividly: he is able to change his mind about a person from one day to the next without denying the previous thought. For these reasons it is considered a somewhat unreliable sign, even if in reality this is due to the whirlwind of ideas that spin in his head and not to a lack of respect towards those around him: Aquarius are dreamers, humoral, full of imagination. and perhaps a little opportunistic, but reliable and able to build a future with an unparalleled capacity for imagination and a drive for progress.

Aquamarine helps to focus by removing extraneous thoughts and encouraging to order thoughts, naturally disorganized and chaotic for those born under this sign, and to filter information, refine perceptions and intellect so that thinking outside the box can be very productive.
Its calm and gentle energy promotes the release of the stress that the natives of the sign are subject to and helps to take care of themselves when feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities. It also prevents the potentially self-destructive programs that the Aquarius can design from being carried out.

The purpose of the Aquarian journey is to ensure the good of the community and the evolution of mankind. Rhodonite is the talisman of the brotherhood of humanity and will accompany him along this journey by supporting him. This stone initiates a process to reach one's full personal potential, focusing one's gifts and energies towards the outside for the improvement of all those around us. It is a stone with concrete properties, for cooperation and community, a gem of altruism and generosity of spirit.

The challenge of the sign is to remain stable in the emotions, while remaining flexible and open to changes during the evolution of the soul. Aquarius are in fact subject to imbalances, especially in love, since they possess a dual nature due to the fixity of the sign (which makes them stubborn and closed to novelty), which however clashes with innovation and being unconventional (qualities given by ruling planet).
Rock crystal (or hyaline quartz), often associated with the sign of Aquarius, brings stability and realigns the energies.

The goal of the sign of Aquarius is to help mankind to evolve and bring about positive social changes, fighting for justice in the world.
Progressives and innovators, thanks to their ability to live in the future and connect to it, are able to intuit future needs and be precursors of change, assisted by the energy of the Moonstone, the stone of new beginnings.
The moonstone also helps to calm emotions that tend to be unstable and irrational, placed on the solar plexus (and on the 3rd chakra) helps to release stress and heal negative emotions.

Angelite improves psychic awareness, promotes intuition and is of great help for those who, like Aquarius, already have a good predisposition for connection with the etheric spheres, wish to connect that the Higher Beings and their Judas Spirit, above all in order to draw useful insights for the evolution of mankind in order to contribute more to its evolution. When combined with amethyst, the latter will help put into practice the visions of the future.
The balancing action of angelite also brings serenity, thus allowing you to establish real relationships with other people, very important for Aquarius.

The Aquarius Sign is ruled by two planets in contrast to each other: Saturn, fixed, rigid and conformist and Uranus, unconventional, eccentric and chaotic: for the natives of the sign this translates into a source of stress as they are pushed in two. opposite directions (the desire to be unconventional and to adapt to conventions).
Fluorite helps integrate the conflicting influences of these two planets by balancing the chaos the natives tend to due to Uranus and at the same time ensuring the order required by Saturn. Fluorite has the ability to restore order and organization when life seems to be in disarray and to integrate the awareness achieved with one's knowledge.
Finally, but very important for this sign, it spurs us to transform conflict into cooperation.

The sign of Aquarius has difficulty in creating a relationship of intimacy with a single person, preferring on the contrary to relate to several people and being more at ease in groups.
Despite this great sociability, it sometimes happens that they feel alone even within a group, alien to others, rose quartz or hermit worn for a long time help to get rid of this sensation.

Labradorite develops intuition and connects to universal consciousness and helps to combine the synthesis capacity of the intellect with intuitive wisdom, dispersing false beliefs and illusions.