June 22 - July 22

The sign of Cancer

Governed by the water element, with this sign we enter the summer season which involves the ripening of the fruits. The energy of this period is warm, welcoming and nourishing, soft and enveloping; it recalls growth in gradual phases, cyclicality.
The sign of Cancer is connected to the water element and the archetype of the Guardian Angel, which symbolizes unconditional love and protection; his symbology leads back to maternal and feminine values, and in fact finds its home in the Moon which instills sweetness and also a certain passivity. The exaltation of Venus gives strongly hedonistic tendencies.
In Cancer there is all the sensitivity and strength, the authority and importance of the mother figure, irreplaceable basis of everything and a sure affective point of reference. The sign of Cancer is kind, welcoming, sensitive and emotional, affectionate and caring, it needs security and protection and knows how to give them without difficulty; in fact, those born under this sign love to feel protected and feel strong the values ​​of home and family, in which they seek refuge and whose intimacy they strongly protect.
Cancer is particularly sensitive to the suffering of others and can become emotionally vulnerable; it could also give in a little too much to laziness, to indulge in comfort, to not having to work too hard leaving things as they are. In bad times they can get to isolate themselves in their armor as a defense weapon or to become short-tempered.
Just as the crab has a transversal gait, so those born under the sign of Cancer are morbidly attached to the past and memories and do not like to proceed towards the future; sometimes they can turn into extremely melancholy people.


The Moon makes the Sign of Cancer very sensitive, but also extremely moody: the Moonstone helps to find emotional balance, also remembering that everything is part of a cycle, assisting in understanding emotions and feelings and improving the innate perception of being vulnerable that those born under this sign always carry with them. Lovers of routine, Cancers do not appreciate change, with the risk that their life could become too static. The Moonstone pushes us to open up to the opportunities that the Universe and life offer, allowing them to take advantage of them even when they were unexpected. Finally, it helps not to overreact to emotional stimuli and to develop emotional intelligence.

Cancer's spiritual mission is to take care of others in a selfless manner, like a true Guardian Angel. The red jasper sustains and supports the soul of those born under this sign in times of stress, giving tranquility, rootedness and integrity and reminding those who wear it of the importance of supporting each other.

The compassionate and selfless nature of Cancer leads those born under this sign to constantly take care of others, white chalcedony promotes brotherhood and group harmony and prevents you from being without energy and exhausted by having dedicated too much to others. White chalcedony will teach you how to care for others, encouraging them to be independent instead of being too present and protective.

Labradorite, with its iridescent reflections, is easily associated with water and its glows and, given that it is also present in the lunar rocks, is associated with the Moon, which in turn astrologically speaking has its domicile in the zodiac sign of Cancer. . We are, therefore, in the realm of the subconscious of dreams and illusions, and above all of femininity. Wearing a Labradorite will give those born under the sign of Cancer personal magnetism and charm, thus considerably enhancing their already strong arts of seduction.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are morbidly attached to the past and memories and do not like to proceed towards the future and can sometimes turn into extremely lazy people. Labradorite is a powerful ally to rediscover the joy, the spontaneity of moving towards the future, awakening curiosity and a sense of adventure and eliminating boredom and apathy.
The sign of Cancer is very ambitious even if you tend to hide it well: this stone, also called "the stone of success", will support him in the realization of his ambitions and will attract useful opportunities to exploit hidden talents.
But be careful because this stone considerably increases sensitivity and mutability: it is therefore not at all a protective stone for this sign, nor for healing and it is therefore not recommended to use it during very negative periods, during which it would be better not to investigate too much the unconscious. 

One of the greatest challenges of the sign of Cancer is to leave the past behind and the detachment from people: the pink tourmaline pushes to rework the past and to leave behind facts and people who have negatively marked it, and helps to manage emotions, avoiding to carry everything inside and risk having an emotional breakdown.


In the event that the relationship with the partner does not go as hoped and a break is reached, the Rodonite will help to forgive and forget, pushing to resume the emotions that the Cancer has projected on the partner and thus regain emotional stability. Rhodonite also has the ability to heal past emotional scars.


Vulnerable and inclined to look to the past, a great challenge for those born under this sign is to let go and forgive the lost loves of the past or the people who have hurt them. The sunstone will assist them in this difficult task of getting rid of a person from the past.