December 22 - January 19

The sign of Capricorn

Capricorn inaugurates the winter season with the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The cold and dark Saturn, Lord of Karma and symbol of the god Chronos, Greek god of time, is the ruler of the sign; the planet of renunciation, death, old age, represents cold reason and professional goals, law, order and discipline,
But Saturn is not only the Great Malefic: during the Roman Saturnalia, the feast days dedicated to Saturn, the social order was subverted and all men were equal and brothers and did not have to work, but could devote themselves to nature, to play, to the arts and love before the feast of December 25th (Dies Natalis Solis Invicti), when the days began to lengthen again and the light returned to win over the darkness. "Our" Christmas seems to unite three Roman festivals: and the Saturnalia, the Sol Invictus and also the Sigillaria (a festival dedicated to children, and characterized by the exchange of gifts), and is celebrated in the season of Capricorn, which therefore also contains the awareness that the cycle will recover and bring success, abundance and wealth.
The image of Capricorn represents a mythological creature, half goat and half fish, a symbol of ascent towards the summit of the mountain, elevation and purification from the depths of the personal and collective unconscious.
The archetype of Capricorn is the orphan, which symbolizes tenacity and is activated whenever we feel betrayed or abandoned, inviting us to bear with patience and to move independently, with great tenacity and practical sense to defend ourselves and move forward. In fact, Capricorn never gives up being able to count on his inner strength and discipline and knowing full well that "homo faber fortunae suae": determination, strategy and ambition will lead him to reach his goals, certainly not luck (or, worse, help from someone, not even their parents!).
For the ambitious Capricorn in reality, the important thing is to do things with a purpose, or at least a direction, very specific and preferably long-term, with logic, strategy, patience and prudence. Essential, sober, thoughtful, he doesn't like wasting time or being made to waste time. Therefore he works with maximum efficiency, attentive to results and not to waste resources. He does not pay too much attention to superficial details and does not get lost in frills: after all, the most difficult period of the year must pass unscathed and the phase of closure and meditation is necessary to ensure rebirth!
In any case, Capricorn never pays attention to himself: if he brags about something, he does it about his own results. Capricorn can be accused of avarice, a characteristic that he still tends to have, but in reality he often prefers to do something for others, rather than give. At the same time, he has his own particular sense of loyalty: if he is forced to step over an individual to reach a goal, he will do it without hesitation, but with his cards open, without subterfuge or lies.
The psychology of Capricorns would seem very simple to interpret: work, respect for the rules, reflection and self-control ... however, despite their inflexible and immovable nature they are also endowed with a strong sense of humor, while often showing a certain introversion and confidentiality and also a tendency to pessimism and closure that lead them to be cold and distrustful of others. Capricorn people are often seen as lonely and unable to enjoy the pleasures of life. In fact, they have good taste and a fine palate, as well as an excellent sense of elegance: what is deceiving is that, more often than not, they want to enjoy these pleasures in solitude. The risk, however, is to get used to renunciation and deprivation, to lose hope and become arid, cold, cynical and distrustful also because Capricorn, not very fond of company and preferring to retire in solitude, and above all not expose themselves emotionally. losing contact with others, thus risking closing oneself too much to the world.


L’onice nera fornisce l’autorità che i nati sotto il segno del Capricorno ricercano costantemente e spinge a diventare padroni del proprio destino; rinforza la sicurezza in sé stessi ed aiuta a rimanere centrati nei periodi di stress fisico e mentale. L’apparente egoista ed avaro Capricorno sente invece il profondo bisogno di aiutare gli altri sfruttando le propria capacità di organizzare, vedere oltre e riconoscere ciò che va fatto e a prendere sagge decisioni, capacità amplificate dall’onice nera.

Attenzione però perché l’onice nera è una pietra austera che dunque va a rinforzare il rigoroso carattere del Capricorno ma, aumentando la serietà e l’autocontrollo, rischia di “appesantirlo” ulteriormente.

Black onyx provides the authority that those born under the sign of Capricorn constantly seek and pushes them to become masters of their own destiny; it strengthens self-confidence and helps to stay centered in times of physical and mental stress. On the other hand, the seemingly selfish and miserly Capricorn feels the deep need to help others by exploiting their ability to organize, see beyond and recognize what needs to be done and to make wise decisions, capacities amplified by the black onyx.
But be careful because black onyx is an austere stone that therefore reinforces the rigorous character of Capricorn but, by increasing seriousness and self-control, it risks "weighing down" it further.

The Capricorns task is to rediscover and connect to their inner power and authority, listening to their true self. Capricorn is one of the few signs able to manage the "dark powers" of black obsidian, a stone that works very well with this sign, assisting it in its commitment to work for the good of society.

Labradorite, "The stone of success", could only accompany those born under the sign of Capricorn, as this is a subject so dear to the Saturnians!
The strong desire of the sign of Capricorn is in fact to reach the top, whatever he has set himself, and he feels perfectly at ease in having tasks or duties to complete or in taking on responsibilities that are related to obtaining the result. desired. Labradorite reflects the light of its deep being, hidden behind the mask of rigidity that Capricorn, and shows it to the world thus pushing it to live in harmony with its sense of duty and to use willpower for the common good.

When a Capricorn has realized his dreams and ambitions, then he usually listens to his own spiritual part: selenite opens the doors of intuition, guiding the spiritual path and bringing out the wisdom of the Capricorn character and at the same time softens and softens it. it makes it more flexible, moving it away from the rigid patterns that sometimes push it to organize every moment of its life, losing spontaneity. In addition, selenite also eliminates all those moods that negatively affect everyday life by preventing energy from flowing freely.

Thanks to their developed mind, principles and organizational skills, Capricorns can devote themselves to any business, even if many Capricorn natives find employment among law enforcement or ministry.
Amber gives the necessary grit to succeed in what you want.

When a Capricorn has realized his dreams and ambitions, then he usually listens to his own spiritual part: fixing a fluorite will connect to the spiritual realms also helping to live spirituality in everyday life.
Fluorite helps to curb the tendency of Capricorns to judge, especially useful when they find themselves having to decide impartially, and also to get rid of the ideas, concepts and mental patterns of the past, pushing to reorganize ideas and helping to assimilate more new information quickly. 

Ruby attracts wealth and social status (both highly sought after by the sign of Capricorn), without however allowing them to excessively influence one's life, it shows the way forward, also giving the necessary enthusiasm to travel it.