July 23 - August 23

The sign of Leo

Male sign ruled by the Sun, its element is fire, well representing the fullness of the summer season, vitality in its maximum splendor, the harvest of ripe fruit, satisfaction, the pride of full maturity and success. The archetype of him is the Sovereign, a symbol of the moment in which, within the hero's journey, he takes full responsibility for his own life.
The pride connotes it in an unmistakable way: the Leo ego is strong and tends to excel in all circumstances and to always place it at the center of attention. Sign of power, will, moral rigor and determination combined with kindness: from the top of his kingship, in fact, Leo can afford to be generous, or even magnanimous. But he will never waste any resources, especially his life: everything must be devoted to the highest possible yield. In this sense, Leo is always looking for their own and others' potential secret to engage them in a productive way. Leo is also extremely courageous, but never takes risks only for the thrill that follows: in his generosity, he is simply always ready to sacrifice himself, but never for his "kingdom" for which he always seeks harmony. , effectively managing conflicts.
The natives of the sign instill a sense of confidence and often excel and do not like to win too easily as they prefer to conquer. They are aware of their own worth and love to be appreciated, which makes them highly susceptible to flattery. The great pride of Leo, his optimistic, confident, upright and honest side can, at times, lead him to a certain naivety at times. After all, the life of this sign is linked to majesty and royalty and deals with the smallness of the world with difficulty!
On the other hand strength can become prevarication and authoritarianism, satisfaction and merit risk becoming pride and ostentation, heat can easily turn into anger, the joy of giving can become prodigality, security can turn into exhibitionism, pride and authoritarianism: excesses are the biggest risk for this sign!



Tiger's eye is a royal crystal and you transmit a feeling of warmth as if enclosing the light of the sun: it is the stone that best represents those born under the sign of Leo. It increases willpower by allowing you to manifest what you want in reality and pushing you to distinguish what you want from what is truly useful for yourself. It is also an excellent stone for promoting hidden talents and unlocking creativity. This stone leads us to use power wisely, teaching us to recognize and exploit our inner resources to achieve our goals, helping to develop power through self-control and not through the command of others. Finally, Tiger's Eye helps to resolve mental conflicts, especially those related to the pride of Leo, and helps to see situations from a broader point of view without losing attention to detail.

The Leo Sign's job is to exercise power by listening to your heart and staying humble. The energy of Morganite (Pink Beryl) opens the heart to unconditional love and dissolves the selfishness that can block the spiritual path of Leo.

Pride is one of the most important characteristics for this sign, and also the greatest danger: if injured in this respect, a strong and magnanimous Leo can risk closing up like a hedgehog. The yellow topaz will help dissolve the blocks due to wounded pride. Furthermore, the sign of Leo is famous for its vigor and vitality, however it needs to be stimulated to throw itself into new projects and adventures. The yellow topaz has the ability to help overcome one's limits by helping to obtain the recognition he desires by stimulating his creative potential and leading him to recognize his own inner riches by attracting the help he needs from the Universe.

The sign of Leo is linked to the heart and he experiences strong emotions (especially as regards sex and sexuality), which he can hardly hide. Despite the strength of character, if someone injures a Leo born, they prefer to withdraw into silence and distance themselves. Rose quartz can heal a wounded heart: place it on the heart to let the pain flow away.

The Sovereign's problem is that he often sticks to material things and schemes and risks becoming a dry bureaucrat rather than an enlightened guide. He must learn to renew himself, to continually leave for the Journey and return with new energy and new enthusiasm. Jade helps to be clear, modest and courageous, eliminates fear and helps to make the right decisions, always pushing towards a positive, “open mind” renewal.

As a sign linked to the heart, Leo experiences strong emotions (especially with regard to sex and sexuality) and can hardly hide them. Despite the strength of character, if someone hurts someone born under the sign of Leo, he prefers to withdraw into silence and distance himself. Ruby stimulates and opens the heart to feelings and defends against people who drain energy, the so-called psychic vampires. Ruby also encourages the expression of leadership skills and revitalizes love life, which is extremely important for a Leo, giving the necessary enthusiasm to jump into new relationships or renew an existing one.