February 19 - March 20

The sign of Pisces

The sign of Pisces corresponds to the last winter phase that precedes the spring one, it marks the end of a cycle and the restart, in a moment of suspension before awakening. Neptune, God of the sea, who rules the sign, represents the dream phase and illusions, deception and escape from reality, but also creativity, intuition and spirituality. His influence pushes Pisces to move away from normality to look for the different and non-conformism, often leading them to a real search for the mystic.
Water sign, which in astrology means emotionality and intuition, even the physical characteristics of this element have a lot to do with the psychology of those born under the sign of Pisces. Water adapts to any container, it does not have its own shape, but it takes the shape of the container; moreover, the water has a natural resilience, which allows it to adapt to climatic conditions, freezing or evaporating depending on the temperature. And this is the profoundly Neptunian nature of the sign of Pisces, the continuous metamorphosis, the fusion and the chaos: it is the touching of the extremes, the cycle of life, the limit between the extremes well represented by the symbol of the tao evoked by the two fishes representing the sign (two fish swimming in circles).
The archetype associated with the sign of Pisces is the Fool, which represents letting go, abandoning oneself. It is the innocent who has reached maximum maturity after becoming wise, the vital id, without limits, conditioning and structures, who manages to enjoy and celebrate life in all its forms and manifestations and whatever happens. For the Fool there are no definitions, everything is a game, and the most serious way to take things is with irony and self-irony. However, he has fun with the profound awareness that everything is illusion, life itself is a game and celebrates its beauty, in every moment.
Pisces have great skills of empathy and connection with other living beings and with the collective unconscious, a great capacity for adaptation, metamorphosis, empathic fusion with the other to the point of forgetting oneself, not respecting borders and limits, and sometimes not even recognizing them because they tend to disregard reality and to live everything with total enthusiasm. Its maximum expression is art, where they can transmit their intuitions and perceptions, while reasoning, numbers, everything that brings to the concrete leads to Pisces dissatisfaction and desire for something new.
Sensitive, unstable, changeable, they sometimes risk getting entangled in the illusions that they themselves have created and their lack of practical sense, combined with a good heart that does not expect anything in return, can lead them to live negative experiences that can put them to a severe test. it even leads them to live in perennial fear and anxiety and cause addictions.

The nature of fish is caring and empathetic, with the vocation of helping others and the amethyst helps to see things in the right perspective and not to get too carried away by emotions; in fact it forms a bridge between spiritual and everyday reality. It removes feelings of guilt and promotes creativity, protects against negative energies emanating from people and the environment. By refining the psychic, artistic and intuitive abilities, the amethyst helps the connection with divine love and to put the abilities of those born under this sign at the service of humanity, while defining and maintaining personal boundaries at the same time. The amethyst helps to overcome any problems of alcoholism and addictions to which fish can tend due to their propensity to escape from reality, putting the spiritual planes in contact and stimulating the desire to meditate in order to find inner peace.
For the natives of Pisces, it also helps to get rid of the victim syndrome and the Red Cross nurse to which they are subject, helping in the choice of when to help and how far to go in this so as not to go beyond one's limits. , eventually becoming victims or martyrs.

Selenite supports the purpose of the zodiac sign, which is to conclude the journey on Earth and reunite with the divine. From the strong calming and regulating energy of emotions, she frees from mental confusion and helps to distinguish and understand deep emotions, also helping to stabilize them.
It represents the connection with the divine world and with the angels, strengthens the spirit, eliminates negative energies, especially those that are reflected on the events of the past.

Staying with your feet on the ground is the biggest challenge for fish and the heliotrope helps to stay grounded and live in the present, without resorting to half-truths and escape, and not to get lost in their own world when daily reality puts them in a tight spot.

Amazonite helps to overcome the disappointments and traumas of life. It gives much more self-confidence and teaches every now and then to say no, without giving more than you actually can and for this reason it is suitable for those born under the sign of Pisces. It also protects fish from negative influences, while developing the intuition inherent in those born under this sign.

Aquamarine helps a lot to work on emotions, making you more aware and suits people with a calm character like fish. In fact, it leads to understand the origin of emotional states and to interpret them, to make fears vanish and protect from the emotions that are perceived in others. It also helps after the end of a relationship, in the tendency to start new relationships without having truly ended the previous one. Meditating with an aquamarine, imagining yourself cutting all ties with another person will make you ready to live the new relationship well.

The moonstone resonates with the intuitive nature of fish, it helps to apply insights into daily life and work (useful both in professions related to business and in those related to caring for people).
Pisces' reasoning is extremely emotional and most of the time they act on an emotional response rather than a reasoning; the moonstone helps to get rid of emotional blocks and helps maintain the balance between the physical and emotional body.