November 22 - December 21

The sign of Sagittarius

The sign that closes the autumn season is Sagittarius. The winter stasis culminates at the end of the sign, on December 22nd, with the Winter Solstice, the darkest, coldest and "dead" moment of the seasonal cycle. Nature reacts in two ways: with hibernation and hibernation or with migration.
Sagittarius is depicted as a half-human, half-horse centaur. Its animal side, violent and bestial, is connected to the Earth, while the human side represents the vital and evolutionary impetus and is depicted with the image of an arrow pointing to the sky, to the Spirit, towards the search for new paths and a higher knowledge.
While everything stops asleep and frozen, the curiosity and playfulness of Sagittarius pushes him to seek new experiences, to have fun, travel, move to get to know. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are endowed with great creativity, energy and enthusiasm that drives them to be very active. Sagittarius loves the most pleasant things that existence can offer and can be a loyal companion, generous and above all sincere, almost unable to lie, to be disloyal or to think badly of others; therefore also an excellent friend, albeit rather moody and always with "his head in the clouds." Truth, sincerity and transparency are virtues of the sign, which can become its unconscious weapon: in fact there are no worse "digs" than sincere, direct, impulsive observations of Sagittarius, which often catch unprepared and unarmed.A truly complex character that has the ability to be an excellent conversationalist and a bad listener.
Characterized by great enthusiasm, a very strong optimism and a lot of resourcefulness, this Sign often acts with excessive good faith, ingenuity and carelessness, even going as far as to gamble and imprudence. He often tends not to evaluate situations well before moving, starting without a strategy and trusting only in good luck. In addition, the constant enthusiasm, impatience and longing for travel can hide the desire to escape, a way to not take responsibility and not to remain tied to a place or boring habits.
The archetype of the sign is, of course, the infant: he represents the individual before the fall, protected by the care of the mother and in constant and confident search for the lost Paradise. But if on the one hand this trust rewards him by giving him openness, learning ability and perseverance, on the other hand he tends to deny problems and shy away from conflicts, often isolating himself in a fantasy world. The Innocent is also an absolutist and dualist: seeking security and protection he is unable to admit his own imperfection without falling prey to violent shame and an intolerable sense of guilt and therefore, inevitably, to fear. Often the defense weapon is denial, escape from the present and reality or projection, but every defense mechanism seems preferable to Sagittarius than having to face one's own fallibility, vulnerability and helplessness. Therefore, Sagittarius energy must not be confused simply always with joy and lightheartedness: it is a sign that changes and often alternates its mood and the energy it shows, its irony in facing especially the most difficult situations, are often a mechanism defense in order to hide a discomfort from others and above all from himself.

The yellow topaz provides abundant energy and leads to trust in the Universe; it is a suitable stone for this sign who loves travel and adventures, and can be an excellent guide to discovering the unknown. This stone gives joy and generosity, facilitates the achievement of goals and reinforces affirmations. It helps to discover the inner riches of Sagittarius as it vibrates at its own frequencies.


Sagittarius is depicted by a centaur pointing his bow straight towards the sky, reminiscent of a search towards infinity and a constant attempt at elevation. A sign of air and changeable, he is in fact optimistic and cheerful: the Sun passes through the sign when in nature it is time for germination. Perhaps for this very reason, the sign is often a little naive, almost always positive, a great seller and traveler: he loves to discover and conquer new territories - both geographical and intellectual. Amethyst is generally associated with the sign of Sagittarius, useful for counteracting the effects of its natural changeability and restlessness, bringing calm and sobriety, promoting relationships.

The purpose of those born in Sagittarius is to find the meaning of existence: thanks to meditation they can reach the answers they seek and, supported by labradorite, they can connect to universal wisdom and the highest levels of consciousness. Sagittarius are generally inclined to teaching and philosophy and Labradorite promotes the ability to answer questions about the meaning of life by linking intuition to esoteric knowledge; with the help of this stone they can become excellent spiritual mentors.

Labradorite also has a calming effect on the hyperactive and curious mind of Sagittarius, it develops the imagination, the birth of new ideas and balances the ability to analyze with contemplation and introspection.

Turquoise offers protection during travel in the astral realms and placed on the third eye (located on the forehead between the eyebrows), awakens intuition and calms the hyperactive mind of Sagittarius. She helps to analyze past experiences by teaching that one's destiny is based on every single choice that has been made, thus promoting greater awareness and encouraging self-realization.
The challenge of this zodiac sign (as the centaur symbol suggests) is to combine animal instincts with the logical mind and ration: turquoise helps to integrate these opposite approaches to life. 

The not knowing how to stay still of the Sagittarius leads them to always look around or project themselves into the future instead of facing the beauty and problems of the present. In case a Sagittarius feels trapped and discouraged by a situation, they can wear a garnet every day (but be careful for those born under this sign not to wear it even at night, it would be too much!): The garnet transforms crises and problems into challenges. to overcome, fortifying and giving courage even in situations that appear hopeless. 

The not knowing how to stay still of the Sagittarius leads them to always look around or project themselves into the future instead of facing the beauty and problems of the present. Carnelian helps improve concentration and shift attention to the present to fully experience it.
If you feel alienated and distant from people and the world around us, the carnelian symbolizes solid foundations and a deep rootedness. 

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to speak before they think and are often not very tactful. Malachite prompts you to take responsibility for your own behaviors, thoughts and emotions that Sagittarians tend to unconsciously project onto others. It helps to have more mental clarity and emotional stability and to discover the positive side of habits. She instills constancy and cheerfulness.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to speak before they think and are often not very tactful. Malachite prompts you to take responsibility for your own behaviors, while milky quartz helps you think before you speak and balances malachite's not so delicate energies.