October 23 - November 21

The sign of Scorpio

This sign rules a moment of the season which represents the great fundamental principle of transformation, decomposition. The archetype associated with Scorpio is in fact the Destroyer, which represents the part of our consciousness that accepts and understands that things can change, relationships can end, that it is possible to let go of all attachments and even accept the idea of ​​death with serenity. . The Destroyer well knows that death is actually only apparent, it is a presupposition of the cycle of life since Nature never dies, remains dormant, slows down: it is the beginning of the inner journey, the process of death and transformation symbolized by winter.
Influenced by the aggressive power of Mars at home and the creative force of Pluto, lord of the afterlife and planet that rules the sign, the personality of those born under the sign of Scorpio has always been associated with the occult and mystery and this makes them tremendously fascinating and complex, sensitive and dominated by strong emotions. Their sensitivity and susceptibility mean that when they are overwhelmed by emotions, or even when they feel analyzed or poked, they run away or react disproportionately, hurting with wit and intelligence and with their razor-sharp tongue. Whimsical and in search of relationships, at the same time they are individualists and love their privacy and look at others with distrust, studying and analyzing them to test them and maintain total control.
Very possessive and not very altruistic, the Scorpio does not give advice if it is not expressly requested; thanks to his charm, his sharp sense of humor and the veil of mystery that accompanies him, a person born under this sign is able with wit and intelligence to keep the interest in him alive.
Scorpio is endowed with great intelligence and memory, enormous power and potential, has the ability to organize and manage even situations of great complexity because he thinks over the long term: he knows well that after death, rebirth is prepared. In fact, Scorpio's time horizon is very broad, and if on the one hand he knows how to wait patiently, foreseeing almost every possible development of a story, he also knows how to plan and execute the most atrocious vendettas. Unfortunately, sometimes he is unable to forget his wrongs, so much so that resentment can lead him to incorrect actions. Scorpios can also be people a little ambiguous about what is fair: like the representatives of Capricorn, they are capable of absolute discretion but, at the same time, they can break the rules with impressive nonchalance.
Lovers of mystery and occult disciplines, Scorpio is the sign that most of all loves risk, often going beyond the limits because he is not afraid of dramatic events and, in some ways, goes to look for them. So what do you want to happen? At the most you die, and death is only a passage ... In sexuality all its ease and disinhibition emerge. Everything can be expected from a love with a Scorpio, except boredom.
A Scorpio can be difficult to manage as a partner. On the other hand, the emotionality of this sign translates into an affectionate love that manages to bring out the best to give it to those he loves.


The intense energy of malachite vibrates with that of the sign of Scorpio, promotes transformation at every level, absorbing negative energies.The malachite brings out without filters everything that blocks the spiritual path, helps to access the insights that come from both the unconscious than from higher consciousness and to share them with others. Even if they don't show it, Scorpios feel deep and strong emotions. Malachite helps release negative emotions and experiences that continue to cause stress

Turquoise balances the strength of malachite giving inner calm, comfort for the soul and physical well-being. This stone resonates with high vibrations that develop intuition and provide protection while the darker astral and spiritual realms are explored.
Be careful because turquoise changes color in case of infidelity (and Scorpio is not among the most faithful of the Zodiac).


Malachite facilitates the awareness of unconscious blocks, allowing healing and personal growth. To dissolve the blocks that will emerge, however, it will be appropriate to combine the malachite with a quartz scepter that will favor the connection to one's higher self and will allow to unlock the previously stagnant and repressed energies due to taboos or traumas. The phallic shape of the quartz scepter recalls the intense sexuality of those born under the sign of Scorpio and transforms sex into a means for spiritual alchemy.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio have a strong ability to lead and to get to the bottom of things. They are also capable of addressing complex or sensitive issues that others prefer to keep quiet about. The hawk's eye allows you to broaden your vision and focus on the remarkable powers of Scorpio related to perceptions. Despite intuition, however, the thought patterns of those born under the sign of Scorpio are rigid and very difficult to change their mind. The hawk eye dissolves negative thought patterns and allows you to see things from a broader perspective.

The main challenge of Scorpio is to master the power in all manifestations of him and the black obsidian assists in this task. However, it is necessary to be psychologically ready to use black obsidian, since it has the ability to transform psychologically, but at the same time it brings out its dark side so that it can be transformed: you must therefore be able to manage your own darkness!

Scorpio has the ability to find the weaknesses of others to exploit them to their advantage; learning to rein in one's sharp tongue is another of the challenges of this sign. Aquamarine counteracts the tendency to judgment and intolerance and works on communication to make it softer and more effective.

The scorpion animal is the only one capable of killing itself with its sting if it realizes it has no escape. Larimar pushes Scorpio away from their self-destructive tendencies by pushing them to be constructive and find a way out before screwing everything up!

Scorpio is ruled not only by Mars but also by Pluto, God of Hades. This sign therefore tends to have problems in being embodied in a physical body, but finding itself straddling the world of the living and the dead. Smoked Quartz counteracts the possible suicidal tendencies of the sign (we also remember that the scorpion animal is the only one capable of killing itself with its sting if it realizes it has no escape !!!) and free from fear and depression. Smoked Quartz also dissolves negative emotions and teaches you to leave behind everything you no longer need.

Even if they don't show it, Scorpios feel deep and strong emotions. Rhodonite teaches the heart how to accept painful emotions without being overwhelmed by them and assists in releasing them. Also many born under the sign of Scorpio use sex and their sensuality as a weapon or tool of manipulation, rhodonite can help correct these behaviors, even if it will be a tough mission for this crystal!