The most important planet of all is the one that regulates the ascendant that exerts its powerful energy on us; therefore the characteristics of a zodiac sign are greatly influenced by the rising one. The energy of the Planets influences our daily life, influences our attitudes, but not our actions: with the energy received from the planets that govern us, it is up to us to decide what to do!


The ascendant in Aries can lead to appearing very confident and can overshadow the more shy and reserved traits of one's personality.

Tiger iron - a beautiful combination of jasper, hematite and tiger's eye - can help bring out one's hidden talents from the bulky Aries.

This stone promotes vitality and therefore can help when you feel exhausted, especially since the ascendant in Aries, investing a lot of energy especially in new beginnings, can bring their energies to extinguish quickly.

Courage, initiative and assertiveness are the gifts that Mars brings to those born with the ascendant in Aries. Mokakite enhances these qualities with its gentle and peaceful energy that pushes a useful balance between inner and outer experiences and balances the desire for new adventures with the need to complete while it has already begun



Resistance, pragmatism and common sense are the practical gifts that Venus bestowed on you to the Taurus ascendant, together with the aptitude for comfort, luxury and good living. The face that presents a Taurus ascendant to the world - or the mask behind which it hides - is one of tenacity, practicality and methodicality, with little inclination to change. He presents himself as someone who can be trusted and who will see things regardless of the effort they may take. 

Safety is extremely important to him and in this the white agate promotes the inner safety, concreteness and practicality that this sign needs. In fact, despite the appearance of solid reliability, a Taurus ascendant could hide the feeling of being uncomfortable in the physical environment and will therefore seek the confidence that the delicate but persevering energy that white agate can provide. This stone also improves analytical thinking and gives mental clarity: in this way it will be easier to remove the blocks from one's path and reveal the self-injurious behavior that one may have adopted.

White agate effectively balances male and female energies, yin and yang, which is very important for this ascendant that seems very reliable, but which often hides a very fickle nature behind this stoic mask. Finally, the white agate is of great help in conserving energy and bringing out the resistance of the ascendant even in the most demanding situations.


A Gemini ascendant is instantly recognizable as he tends to communicate a lot even using his hands, is extremely curious and a born salesman. The ability to communicate with anyone is one of the gifts that Mercury bestows upon birth, together with a versatile and active mind, able to adapt to any conversation, to talk about itself or others and any topic.

The ascendant in Gemini leads to being very skilled handymen, but too interested in everything to spend time in deepening a particular topic, thus often being superficial in their knowledge.

The superficiality of the Gemini ascendant can therefore be a handicap and in this the kyanite that has the power to go through the superficiality to reach the heart of the issues, increasing the capacity for logical thinking, intuition, can help.

Kyanite can also encourage spiritual maturation and lead to greater sincerity and personal integrity, given the tendency of the Gemini ascendant to tell little "innocent" lies. The super communicative Gemini ascendant can often overwhelm a more shy and reserved birth sign. with the risk that the correct use of words could constitute an impenetrable barricade for the rest of the world: Kyanite helps to deepen interactions with the world, to allow others to truly know the person, facilitating personal expression.


Although the mask of hardness and invulnerability that Cancer covers for defense  and protection is difficult to penetrate, the Moon gives those born with Cancer ascendant the gift of care, nourishment and care of the home, together with a great sensitivity and compassion.

The hard shell of the crab therefore ensures protection, but inside it we find a predisposition to a maternal and comforting attitude (in men as in women). This ability to make people feel good and take care of their health is supported by the kindness of the moonstone.

He feels the emotions very strongly, perceiving the feelings of others as if they were his own: the Moonstone can comfort and protect the solar plexus, where the emotions reside and at the same time it will allow you to show your heart without it taking command, scratching that hard facade that often covers every vulnerability.

The Cancer ascendant often leads to not being direct and to often face the world "sideways". This tendency can prevail even on a more direct sign in the Sun and therefore hide from the eyes of others the true goal that the Cancer ascendant sets itself. , but in any case sooner or later his strength and determination will emerge evident. The Cancer ascendant is in fact ambitious and does not accept compromises, acts quickly and with intention: the Moonstone can help to be more direct in the approach with the life.


Those born under the Leo ascendant love to hold the bank, to be protagonists of the party; with a proud bearing, one often hears the chosen ones among the others, special beings that emanate a golden splendor. In fact, it is not difficult to notice how they royally examine what is around them and are often the center of attention as consummate performers.

However, this need to always be in the spotlight can exasperate other people. Citrine quartz is suitable to highlight the benevolent, solar generous side of the sun in the Leo ascendant, which is the very side that other people find difficult to resist. The ascendant in Leo makes even the most shy and least altruistic sign warm and generous; this stone supports the sharing of what one has, as well as increasing one's wealth and prosperity.

Beware, however, that the pride of Leo can cause some difficulties especially if carried on more humble and shy signs: when their dignity is challenged in fact, they could withdraw a very cold solitude away from the Sun. In this the citrine quartz can be of support making less sensitive to criticism by teaching them to laugh at themselves and their mania for grandeur, bringing to light the benevolent side in the sign of Leo.
This stone also gives flexibility and openness to new experiences that the Leo ascendant tends not to have, energizing every level of life and making those born with the sun in Leo a powerful attractive energy that draws the help of friends. and mentors.


The gifts of Mercury at birth are an analytical and razor-sharp mind, the ability to organize efficiently and an intuitive intelligence: those who have their sign in Virgo appear to the outside world as a coldly efficient, hard worker, reliable and always ready to help.

This is the mask behind which he hides, well represented by the stone of his ascendant: the blue tourmaline. This precious crystal resonates with a sense of responsibility and encourages a love of truth.

The blue tourmaline increases the desire to live in harmonious peace with all that is around and to be in the help and service of those you love. Cold even during the deepest crises, analytical and detached, those with their Virgo ascendant have the flexibility to embrace change and the organizational skills to keep everything under control.

Despite this mask that this ascendant presents to the world, it is possible that sometimes they lack confidence in their abilities, so much so that it is possible that they find themselves having to play the simple role of "suppoter", if not even of service. It is not uncommon for Virgo ancestors to prefer, for example, a job as a personal assistant rather than a manager and are often more comfortable in professions that extend care and assistance. Blue tourmaline is excellent as it promotes self-confidence by dispelling fears and inspiring compassion and tolerance. 

A possible substitute for the precious and rare blue tourmaline is the beautiful apatite, which gives vitality, extroversion, creativity and the ability to communicate delicately brings out one's hidden talents, instilling self-confidence. 

By dispelling negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, it suggests creative solutions and helps to shine with one's own light and to make one's voice heard when necessary, bringing out the talents, especially those of one's birth sign.


Libra presents itself to the world as a fascinating but indecisive sign, and its first desire is to have an environment full of harmony and style around it. People who have this sign as an ascendant are noted for their elegance, for the wise and pleasant use of colors and fabrics, but also for their inability to make up their minds and for how sometimes their ideas suddenly change from one extreme to another. other.

The Libra ascendant gets along with everyone as relationships are always important to him, but this puts his own wants and needs in danger, often held back or even ignored to please others - this is the mask he presents to the world and behind which he hides.
Surprisingly often this mask hides an ambitious temperament that can even go so far as to be ruthless, and a heart that can prove to be extremely selfish. A Libra ascendant will get what he wants through his charm and use of diplomacy, rather than from open confrontation and the use of assertive language with direct questions or requests.

Rose quartz, a stone symbol of unconditional love and infinite peace, supports all relationships, of any kind, and encourages a good mood especially for ascendants in Libra.
The Libra ascendant is often more careful about looking good than they are worried about looking confident (rather than really being!): Rose quartz teaches you to love yourself in the first place instead of always paying attention to please others. others, instilling self-acceptance and thus leading to being much more confident in one's abilities.

The planet of Libra is Venus which gives the Libra ascendant the ability to look good in any situation and whatever one wears. This ability extends to the environment that surrounds it, often pleasant and harmonious from all points of view. In fact, Venus teaches the value of beauty and confers the ability to negotiate any conflict through the art of diplomacy and under the magnifying glass of love.

Rose Quartz works in harmony with Venus by assisting in finding creative compromises and helping to maintain inner peace.The Libra ascendant mask can be quite insincere and can hide a selfish nature and a deep need for other people. When this is the case, promises are easily made, but they are also often broken. Also the strong desire for perfection of the Libra ascendant can lead to unhealthy relationships: in this once again rose quartz can come to the rescue. 


The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto and these same planets exert a strong influence on those who have the ascendant in this sign. Mars is a fiery, passionate, energetic and determined planet. Associated with warfare, Mars encourages us to face challenges and do them well to the fullest. Aggression is the dominant feature, although Mars also values courage and honor. A violent energy that can be constructive or destructive, in any case masculine, which dominates both Aries and Scorpio.

Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, the planet of strength, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Things aren't easy with Pluto, but they get done. Pluto loves to destroy in order to recreate and therefore this planet rules destruction and death, as well as everything that is secret and hidden from view.
The interaction with the world of those born with the Scorpio ascendant is intense, but also impassive. It does not matter what may happen internally, but on the outside they will always present themselves with an impenetrable mask of calm and their searching gaze will be able to discover the secrets of those around them. Stubborn and determined, this ascendant harnesses the power to get what you want, whatever it is.

The Scorpio ascendant loves risk and is eager to experience above all what is forbidden and dark, sometimes going so far that one may get the impression that he has the goal of self-destruction.
Smoky quartz has a highly protective function in this and allows you to see beyond the surface of things to safely accompany Scorpio ascendants where others are afraid to enter, instilling courage and strengthening intention and skills in case of difficult moments.

This stone also weakens the strong manipulative impulse of the Scorpio ascendants.


The Sagittarius ascendant is restless, inclined to act on the spur of the moment. The number of questions he asks is the first thing others notice about him; the second is his lack of tact, which also leads him to sometimes make epic gaffes. This is in fact an ascendant who speaks before thinking and therefore needs the assistance of the judicious Topaz.

Equipped with an irresistible sense of adventure due to an insatiable curiosity about the world and a deep need to find meaning in it, they are tireless travelers and usually have a suitcase ready for any eventuality. They don't hide behind a mask, they just move on.
Ruled by Jupiter, they have a philanthropic spirit and are naturally teachers and philosophers, but they can risk overdoing it. Topaz helps to discover inner riches and releases any negativity they may have picked up on the journey of life.

The mask that a Sagittarius ascendant wears to face the world is one of happiness, luck, carefree and non-commitment. From the outside they may seem unreliable, simply because they do not always keep their commitments or promises made. Topaz can help overcome this and also the tendency to use half-truths and little white lies to cover one's tracks.

For the Sagittarius ascendant the grass is always greener somewhere else. This is not the most organized of the ascendants, but he possesses the knack of inventing great things and innovative solutions. Topaz fills life with abundant joy, removing any doubt or uncertainty from these excellent and fun companions, who are pleasant to have alongside on the journey. of life. Always adaptable to new circumstances and ready to take on new challenges with enthusiasm, topaz sheds light on their path, highlights goals and allows them to tap into their inner resources. This cunning crystal conveys confidence by instilling confidence in the universe and teaching how to be rather than act.


Capricorn is ruled by the rigid and austere Saturn, the God of time. From this planet Capricorn absorbs that certain degree of severity and wisdom that allow him to look at the things of life with detachment and lucidity. Saturn is in fact the "detached observer" and it is he who allows him to maintain self-control and centering even in the most difficult situations and emergencies and to make the right decisions without being overwhelmed by emotion.

Saturn also makes him objective in judgments, but also severe and not very tolerant of errors. It is precisely because of this high form of self-criticism that Capricorn always tries to give the best of himself and show himself consistent with his principles, even at the cost of renunciations and sacrifices, because not doing so would be breaking his inner rules. Capricorns, however, are dominated by this cold saturnine rigor but firmness in principles and projects will certainly be present in them, as well as reasoning and that moral strength which is an integral part of their temperament.

Wisdom, dignity, natural authority and strong leadership powers have been bestowed upon the birth of one who has their own ascendant in Capricorn, but its ruler, Saturn, is a harsh overseer and therefore strength, self-discipline and the desire to be useful in the world.

Ambitious and determined to reach the top, they gladly organize the lives of others as well as their own by respecting the 'rules'. As a result, it is perceived by many people as cold and severe. The Capricorn mask is a mask of strict control, an authoritarian face devoted to the "duties and must" of life. This severe ascendant can effectively mask a much freer sun sign, giving you hard times and making other people see it cold and critical. Garnet helps to express one's natural authority with warmth.

Garnet allows you to lighten and enjoy life, and this stone is particularly useful when life is hard and there seems to be no way out, as it turns a crisis into a challenge and brings out the innate strength of this ascendant. A little gloomy, pessimistic, the Garnet opens the heart and strengthens one's self confidence. It removes inner inhibitions and resistances, thus dissolving the ingrained patterns of beliefs that are no longer needed.


An Aquarius ascendant is light years ahead of the rest of the world in intuition and foresight; it is easy for him to identify today what the world will need tomorrow, which makes him an excellent innovator and trendsetter. His main concern is to build the brotherhood of humanity and to work for the good of him while also adopting revolutionary solutions. All of this brings this ascendant potentially into conflict with more conventional-minded people who cannot conceive of the need for such a vision.

The Aquarius mask is often quirky and quirky, but it is equally likely that it is remote and detached. Many people with an Aquarius ascendant feel like a scientist studying another species while observing their own kind. This Ascendant is much better at dealing with the mass of humanity than on a one-to-one basis.

With two such different rulers, Uranus and Saturn, the birth gifts of this ascendant are a mixed blessing. Unconventional Uranus imparts insight, foresight and a desire to rebel, while conventional Saturn requires boundaries, discipline and conformity. Aquamarine invokes high states of awareness that alleviate this dichotomy and stabilize, thus enabling us to serve humanity and contribute to the change taking place in the world.

The Aquarius ascendant brings with it the desire to be different, in appearance or behavior, and therefore makes it more difficult for them to integrate into society. He could adapt to it, but feel inwardly rebellious, or remain on the sidelines faithful to its diversity, but with the desire to conform: the first hour second hypothesis generally depend on the sun sign. Furthermore, the stubbornness of this ascendant and the desire to be different make him stand out from the crowd, but this can sometimes cover up a deep insecurity.

Aquamarine is a useful stone because it helps you feel comfortable in your surroundings without compromising yourself and to be more yourself without provoking opposition, particularly if you are trying to hide your true nature behind a mask of conformity. It dissolves any fixed and self-destructive patterns that have been adopted. It promotes self-expression and helps you understand what it really feels like. This stone offers the security of knowing and deeply clarifying today's thoughts… even as the world is clamoring for tomorrow.


Fluid and adaptable, the Pisces ascendant flows through life unconsciously reacting to the powerful emotional currents that overwhelm it; as a result, he tends to make promises he cannot keep. The mask of the Pisces ascendant has a tender heart and a gentle disposition that leads him to be a fanatic of heart-wrenching stories.

The common sense and discernment that the amethyst imparts will be of great support to this ascendant; in fact, he has the power to calm emotional currents, bringing objectivity.
The ruling planets of this ascendant, Neptune and Jupiter, have a tendency to excess which can be controlled by wearing amethyst. The Pisces ascendant is in fact imaginative and evasive and rarely knows his own boundaries and discerns where himself ends and where someone else begins. He absorbs other people's feelings and it is easy for him to fall into the roles of victim or martyr.

The Amethyst acts as a protective barrier, especially shielding him from the needs of other people who may prevail over the will of this romantic ascendant.
Wearing the amethyst increases perception and helps to feel more focused, with greater emotional control and this brings with it much more self-confidence. The amethyst can also protect against the temptation to say falsehood in order not to hurt anyone.

A Sun sign wearing the Pisces mask is immediately veiled from sight and people often feel in front of him as if there is nothing to grasp. Furthermore, he could use the outwardly empathetic Pisces mask to relate to the world, but without actually feeling any real connection. Amethyst helps to be more connected.