August 24 - September 22

The sign of Virgo

The sign of Virgo closes the summer period and replaces the euphoria with a more collected period, of intelligent and precise study on how to store the provisions collected for the winter with prudence and foresight, but above all with maximum control. Earth sign, is ruled by Mercury which leads to this sign intelligence, rationality, sharpness and precision in analysis and attention to detail.
Equipped with a great spirit of observation, Virgo needs to understand and control reality: the practical sense of the Earth element makes her not inclined to come into contact with deep emotions, while she pays great attention to matter, to the discriminatory and measuring analysis of it. It is no coincidence that her archetype is the Seeker, the one who is not satisfied, but she wishes to study, analyze and understand. The brain, however, tends to prevail over the heart, instinct and filter emotions, often dissecting things with excessive minutiae.
Those born under the sign of Virgo are extremely reliable, discreet, moderate and reserved, generally altruistic, conscientious and lovers of a sense of proportion and precise work that allows you to achieve great results a little at a time, slowly. Although modest and devoid of the urge to prove something to someone, they generally have a level of intelligence above the norm and a discrete artistic taste.
They therefore hate to act in a hurry since they have to evaluate everything with patience, with meticulousness; this makes them adept at managing resources, which they are instinctively led to do as they tend to always think about the future with foresight and uncertainty. This happens not only in economic terms and so in many cases Virgos also fear the beginning of new relationships and, until they feel safe, they will continue to be wary and to collect clues for tomorrow.
They may therefore be meticulous, obsessed and critical people, but they are concrete, reliable and with a strong sense of duty. They are very analytical and often excessively critical of themselves even before others, sometimes they like to take the attitude of victims.

A historical / etymological note: The term "virgo" in Latin indicated an unmarried woman, free and self-sufficient, which is not. She had nothing to do with her innocence, but as with the masculine term "vir" meant a free adult. The mother goddesses were therefore called "virgins", but they were sexually free women, as well as economically, equal and equal to men. Graphically, the sign of the Virgin was a woman seated in profile, but it seems that with the advent of Christianity, the glyph will turn into an M with the final rod folded inside to symbolize Mary and her virginity, or, in in line with the characteristics of the sign, the cold lucidity of Reason which begins to harness instincts and passions (which however are strong and strongly repressed and restrained).

Sardonyx, a stone on furniture of strength and stability, resonates with the integrity of those born under the sign of Virgo, and supports them in the search for the meaning of existence and in processing information. Fortifies by reinforcing the character and developing self-control.
The sardonyx also helps to get to the heart of the matter and to attract stable relationships and good friends.
The innate intelligence born under this sign, the propensity for logical thinking, perception and the ability to assimilate information are strengthened by the use of sardonyx. 

Along with sardonyx, the other stone similar to those born under the sign of Virgo is peridot. The lighter and more lively peridot in fact refines Virgo's perceptions and helps to let go of the habits that prevent them from growing, encouraging them to be less strict with themselves, since they are known to be extremely self-critical! Peridot also helps to break free from old negative behavioral patterns and emotional baggage that you no longer need and encourages you to be guided by your higher self. Peridot also teaches to accept mistakes as lessons to be learned and to move forward.

A talisman and lucky charm stone for those born under the sign of Virgo, moss agate is generally excellent for all those who work in contact with the earth and supports intuition in this type of work.
For Virgo intellectuals it is a pleasure to discuss emotions and analyze them thoroughly, however they hardly really feel them: moss agate helps to get in touch with their feelings and improves the ability to express what you feel rather than what you think. .
The virgins' hypercriticity towards themselves can lead them to have low self-esteem and strong emotional stress: the musk agate helps to see their own positive qualities and to recognize their own value. 

Those born under the sign of Virgo are inclined to the medical or care professions, fluorite will prove particularly useful in helping to understand the effects of the mind's emotions on the body.